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a brief backstory. . .

My Chemical Romance (MCR or My Chem) is an American rock band from Newark, New Jersey formed in 2001. The band currently consists of singer Gerard Way, lead guitarist Ray Toro rhythm guitarist Frank Iero, and bassist Mikey Way, however there have been a variety of other members as the drummer. The band is considered on of the most influential rock bands of the 2000s, as well as an influential part of the pop punk and emo genres (argue if you want, they're definitely cited as emo most). My Chem has released 4 albums-- I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love in 2002, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge in 2004, The Black Parade in 2006, and Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys in 2010. Along with these, they have released Conventional Weapons, a series of singles recorded in 2009, a greatest hits album May Death Never Stop You in 2014, and a 10th anniversary album for The Black Parade, Living With Ghosts, in 2016. Their most recent release and newest song since 2014, The Foundations of Decay, was released in May of 2022. Also, as of writing this, according to Spotify, they are the #461st most listened to band in the world!


> I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love

Bullets is My Chem's first album. Gerard was directly inspired and moved by witnessing 9/11, and the seeing event sparked a need in him to actually do something with his life. Out of this came "Skylines and Turnstiles", which features lyrics directly referencing the need to make a change in the world-- "And after seeing what we saw/Can we still reclaim our innocence?/And if the world needs something better/Let's give them one more reason, now" (Skylines and Turnstiles - My Chemical Romance. This same theme of change, along with destruction, can be seen throughout Bullets. This is an excellent My Chem record album-- it's very raw in emotion, but lacks the cleaner vocals that can be found later in their career. My favorite songs on this record would probably be "Our Lady of Sorrows" and "Early Sunsets over Monroeville"!

> Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

Revenge is arguably My Chem's most well known era-- "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" and "Helena" have incredibly iconic music videos. Three Cheers was my first mcr album! i loved "Helena" and i still do, even though hits "It's not a Fashion Statement" and "Hang Em High" are by far my favorites now. This is essential My Chem listening, and while it is not their best album, it's incredible how iconic this era was. The red and black are awesome!

> The Black Parade

AW YEAH The Black Parade!! This is definitely My Chem's most well known record. The lead single, "Welcome to the Black Parade", topped charts and the music video is incredibly iconic, even being noted as MTV's "Greatest Music Video Of The Century" in 2017. "Teenagers" is also very very well known, with these two songs being My Chem's most listened to on spotify ever-- "Teenagers" has 666,000,000 streams as of today.I fucking love this album. it makes me cry so goddamn much. Just like Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, this is essential My Chem listening-- just, essential rock in general. I'd be surprised if people hadn't heard anything off this! The Black Parade also has some really good B-Side tracks, my favorite being "Kill All Your Friends". On this album overall, thought, my favorite songs would have to be "Mama", "Sleep", and "Disenchanted".

> Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys

Oooh my god Danger Days.. yeaj. This album was My Chem's last album release before the hiatus, and had recieved mixed reviews. still, "Na Na Na" is quite popular and frequented every show in 2022. Danger Days is My Chem's most vivid album, with the lead singer sporting bright red hair and the album and music videos being filled with the highly saturated costumes and comic-book like designs of the Killjoys. This is not a suprise, given Gerard's comics and enjoyment of superheros and their designs. Danger Days features several good songs, such as previously mentioned "Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)", "SING" and "Planetary (GO!)". Despite these all being the most listened to songs on these albums, my favorites are "DESTROYA", "Summertime", and "Party Poison". I'll talk more about the story of this album and it's songs down below :o3!

> Conventional Weapons

CONVENTIONAL WEAPONS! This was My Chem's last set of singles-- it's listed online sometimes as an album but because it was released in singles i'll just refer to it as such. CW features 5 EPs, each with two songs, that were all unrelased songs orginally intended for Danger Days that didn't make the cut. Each picture sleeve features a different type of weapon. They were released from october 2012 to feburary 2013. There isn't much to say about these EPs-- some songs are being played in the concerts this year for the first time (mostly "The World is Ugly"). Otherwise, there isn't much to say about threse songs. I do really like them, though. My favorites off of these EPs are "The Light Behind Your Eyes", "Boy Division", and "Kiss the Ring"!

> May Death Never Stop You

May Death Never Stop You is the 2014 greatest hits compilation album. It features a handful of songs from Bullets to Danger Days, and a few demos from Bullets (of "Skylines and Turnstiles", "Cubicles, and "Knives / Sorrow", which is what "Our Lady Of Sorrows" was initially named) along with one new song-- "Fake Your Death". This was the last song recorded in 2013 by My Chem, and really fits the mood they had pre-breakup. This song is somber and details how the singer (who is synonymous with Gerard here) is ready to leave behind the rockstar life, and move on. May Death Never Stop You opens with "Fake Your Death" and it makes the whole album feel like a letter of goodbye to the fans.

> The Black Parade/Living with Ghosts

Living With Ghosts is another reissue for The Black Parade's 10th anniversary in 2016. It features all of The Black Parade, along with a variety of demos and live mixes of the B-sides and some songs. There's two different demos of House Of Wolves, along with "Emily", "The Five of Us Are Dying", and "All the angels-- songs that were all supposed to appear on their 5th studio album, Paper Kingdoms. Paper Kingdoms was scrapped because of it's dark nature. There was recently drama of someone who supposedly had audio from the recordings of this album and was attempting to sell it, despite the band's previous wishes of nothing being released. Living With Ghosts does not have any connection to this album despite the few demos/rough mixes.

> Decay Era/ MCR5?

The current Era of My Chem doesn't have any albums... but in 2022, they released "The Foundations of Decay"! "Foundations" is a completely new song, recorded and released before they began their Return/Decay Tour that was initially planned in 2019 (I believe it's called that...). Along with "Foundations", they've recently been performing something reffered to as "Noise Jam/Everybody Hates The Eagles" or just "Eagles", which came about in the Danger Days era, but was only given lyrics this past few months. The song changes a bit every performance, It's become rather popular, as some of the lyrics featured are some variation of "I'm her kinda-girl, she's my kinda-boy". Along with these songs, the tour has featured a range of outfits from Gerard Way, such as a cheerleader dress, variations on a secretary outfit, and a Joan of Arc cosplay-type thing.
It's also been speculated a lot recently that there will be an 5th My Chem album. Part of this was spurred on by their new song, or some merch in collaboration with Kidrobot that said something about "MCR's fifth album" (found here). They're also supposedly having studio recording time later this year but I'm unsure if that will still be happening. regardless, I am trying to not get my hopes up! it would be amazing to even just have another few songs, especially if they released "Eagles" or some of the variations they've done on songs in shows, like the a cappella "Cemetery Drive".

their impact on me

i will admit i havent been a fan of my chem for very long-- maybe since 2019? I've always been aware, my parent is a fan, but they have had a tremendous impact on me in recent times. in september 2022, i got to see them live and they had been quickly rocketting to the top of my "favorite artist lists"!! i also followed along throughout the rest of their US tour via the many livestreams hosted on instagram (i belive i had seen them all, or at least, 90% of them with livestreams) however, these past few months have been very difficult for me emotionally and my chem did a lot to help my mental health. in the past years, i was a less active fan, but i really did like 3 cheers for sweet revenge and would listen to stuff of the black parade and danger days occassionally.

my favorite album now has got to be danger days. i adore the world and comics that go alongside the album, and the killjoys hold a very special place in my heart!! I really enjoy all of the fan theories about the characters and i love to headcanon stuff for party poison. this is only closely followed up by the black parade, however-- it's not hard to see why TBP was the album that really sent them into mainstream sucess. songs like 'I Don't Love You', 'Cancer', and especially 'Sleep' have been on loop for hours :).


my whole merch list WILL BE on the left side! i need to get better photos of everything, it will be updated!

i have spent a pretty decent amount of money on my chem. not counting ticket cost 4 the concert its probably a bit over 200 usd.., i own 4 shirts, 4 vinyl (+ gerard way's solo album, hesitant alien), a bunch of fan merch, a wristband, a funko pop.. and more soon hopefully! hot topic and the official my chem store have been my main sources for aquiring these goodies but i'm also attempting to find some older things soon, along with some posters or perhaps the danger days comics.