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hey wow welcome !! i made this site. it's relatively new and a lot of it is UNDER CONSTRUCTION ALL THE TIME!! so it's gonna be pretty janky 4 a while. im trying to consistently update this place but i am a beginner when it comes 2 html/css/js so forgive me for any broken bits! anyways. background. i started this site sometime in january of 2022 and have been trying to work on and off to make it into a real thing since then. i wanted to learn something new so i chose coding and have decided to carve out my own little corner of the web. it's been going well i think! i'm really enjoying learning and this has been a great way 4 me to connect w my friends offline too :)

anyways hi i am ...still deciding my furever name, i am a genderfluid boy-thing who uses he/it pronounz!!. . . i'm active online in other places as kody, or mikey, or sometimes val-- feel free to refer 2 me as such! i like to draw and make things and think about my favorite little blorbos. i am Very neurodivergent and kind of shy-- but feel free to reach out if u want 2 chat more! i am on tumblr as "@dogmorph"!

i LOVEEEEE american rock band my chemical romance, hannibal (tv show), and deltarune/undertale, (among other things!!) and PLEASE share me things relating to them i will cherish them forever (more about my interests in my "about" page!)

site update log :)

4/10/23- adding some custom graphics, changing up fonts/backgrounds, + the other pages may be unaccessable for a bit until i get everything in order!

3/15/23- UPDATING THE MCR SHRINE !!!! yes i am stil in this fixation yes it is here to stay. will finish up conventional weapons and talk abt some of the new looks from the nz/aus concertz!!

1/12/23- new blog post!!! also planning out some fun upgrades. may take a bit, school is back in session :o3

12/21/22- FINALLYYYY re-did the about page. its not super cool yet but way less janky-- it shouldnt break every time i mess around lol. hope u like it :3 still need to add back a lot of the fun stuff!! ALSOO gallery added. but it doesnt have much 4 now!

12/7/22- a ton of updates today. most of it you can't tell really but i reorganized a ton of pages. the most visible entry.. i have an enter page now yippee! its being finished currently but. yay! also planning on finishing the mcr shrine too :)

12/5/22- updated the home page and added some fun stuff!

12/4/22- about page is back up and cooler!! ive been avoiding tackling the journal but thats next.. ill be revamping this page too :)

12/3/22- ive been working on fixing some css so for now my journal and about pages are gone but they will be back soon! ive just been too busy to finish updating them rn !!

12/1/22- updated the mcr shrine last night, along w adding stuff to the journal (gonna do some more for that too)!! really happy w how everything has been turning out so far...

11/28/22- hi :o)

11/27/22- ok i really love working on this soo.. todday i have begun work on the journal!! woo! u can now go look at my egg-cellent thoughts :3 bit of a different theme for there, still finishing up ^_-! I HAVE A BUTTON NOW! its up woo! u can now go look at my super uper cool button. tba - an area for other site's buttons. soon!!

11/26/22- yippee! got the about page working, its still in pawgress tho.. also i hid a secret in one of the buttons :3.. after being sick for a while it feels nice to get stuff done again LOL!

11/21/22- officially started reworking the site for the billionth time. woo!

virtual pets/petsites!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!