WOW! art! of all kinds!

all of my awesome original/fanart will be displayed here. this will kind of be a personal archive, but also just a fun place to talk about my creations and creative process. as i work towards art school, i am making an effort to make my work more unique and visually stimulating. over the next few months i will attempt to show that here X). social media and the lack of appreciation for artist has really tired me out over these last few years, and part of my effort to minimalize my interaction with the world of twitter/instagram has resulted in me no longer having my own space to share my work.
all artwork is owned by me, however some of this might be fanart! also, side note, i do take commissions, if you are interested, please shoot me an email!

a sketchy drawing of a humanoid with purple hair, green-grey skin, and a yellow shirt. they are holding a pen, and the word 'BUGWORMZ' is written above their head. a brightly colored piece of scourge from the warrior cats series. He is looking over his shoulder at the viewer, and snarling. he is wearing a rainbow collar with sharp teeth coming out from it. img description img description img description img description
xx - this will work as sort of an update box for art/art related things. i may put a "featured piece" here or a link to my art socials!

return 2 the mansion!!